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Best Paranormal Film
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Sixth Sense
The Exorcist
The Entity
Sleepy Hollow
What lies Beneath
Just like Heaven
White Noise
Stir of Echoes
Whats your favourite Ghost Hunting Tool?
Digital Camera
35mm Camera
Dowsing Rods
Ouija Board
EMF Meter
Dowsing Crystal
Pen & Paper
Do you believe in Ghosts?
Yes Definately, I've seen a ghost
Yes but i haven't seen a ghost
Id like to believe but im not sure
On the fence 50/50
Im not sure but more sceptical
I think ive seen a ghost, but im not sure
Im sceptical
I dont believe, 100% Sceptic
Would you buy/rent a supposedly haunted house?
Yes, I would purposely try and find one
Yes, That would be a bonus
Yes, but they'd need to drop the price
Yes because ghosts dont exist
I would have to seriously think about it
No, not without it being cleared first
Not in a million years
What do you think to the new Essex Paranormal Website?
Excellant I love it
It's very good, much better than the old one
It's good
It's okay, not too bad
I preferred the old site
It's not my cuppa tea

Welcome to Essex Paranormal, our team has a wealth of knowledge and experiance over many years within our chosen field of research, based upon both spiritual and scientific experiments.

Essex Paranormal research through out the UK, and welcome all with an interest in the paranormal, to register and join in with our community.

Registration is Free and members gain access to investigation reports, photo albums, interact with other members via the forums and much more.

Essex Paranormal are now part of the S.J.Bowers network partners, whom are dedicated to bringing communities together through out the world.

AOL users whom experience problems registering, with your activation link not being clickable, please copy the link and paste it into your browser.

Click Here To Register Free
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Site Updates : Essex Paranormal Gets Live Chat
Posted by Tim on 02.10.07 (3860 reads)

Yes you heard it right, Essex Paranormal now has it's paranormal chat rooms open

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General Updates : Free Paranormal Websites @ Paranormal Times
Posted by Tim on 30.08.07 (3451 reads)

I suppose you could call this ParaSpace, or ParaGroups.

This is a new service to the SJBNetwork, you can now sign up for your own free paranormal website, forums, polls, and more, with a paranormal domain name too.

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Upcoming Events : Coalhouse investigation
Posted by paulrobins on 10.08.07 (3916 reads)

We have an upcoming investigation at the Coalhouse forts on the 15th September 2007

registered members may attend this fantastic location, further details can be found in the forums

hope to see you there!

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Interviews : David Vee Article in Beyond Magazine
Posted by paulrobins on 08.07.07 (4260 reads)

Ghosts-UK's founder David Vee has a four page interview in this months Beyond and features some of Davids amazing photos
David also talks about his time in the UK's most haunted house

Well worth a read

The magazine can be found in WH Smiths

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Upcoming Events : Public ghost hunt
Posted by ij1 on 19.06.07 (3747 reads)
Upcoming Events

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