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Site Updates : Haunted England Top Sites Has Changed
Posted by Tim on 05.06.07 (1560 reads) News by the same author

Well we now have our revampted system in place along with a new design.

Or vote for Essex Paranormal with the button in our partners section

For those of you new to Haunted England, this site is a Paranormal Toplist website, where viewers can vote, rate and review paranormal websites.

If you run a paranormal website, your also more than welcome to submit you site too.

Anyway onto whats changed.

We've simplified the whole system, and there are many changes, however first we should document the downside, well it's not a downside but will require a change from your website.

All your username and passwords are the same, however the banner html code has change, because of this you will need to log into your account and generate new html code to use. At the moment our banner will more than likely not be showing on your website and thats the reason why, however your viewers should still be able to vote (text link/broken image click). Once you've corrected the code, you stats will also count correctly.

Also another major change which won't affect many, is that we've now reverted our system to accept one site per username, this simply allows us to better check votes and consistancy whilst maintaining the site, because of this those with more than one website in their account will be affected, and unfortunately the additional sites (not the first site) will have been removed. But this is not all bad news, you are still able to create further accounts and re-submit those additional websites. We appologise for the inconvieniance on this point.

Now onto the positive side.

- Members now have a more extensive stats page.
- Reviews can now be submitted again.
- Viewers can now rate your site again.
- Re-Rank's will be set every week, meaning you always have a chance of being number one from week to week.
- New sites require admin approval - we noticed some listings were for things not paranormal

If you notice any broken sites, or sites that should be there then let us know and we'll deal with it.

well the rest of the changes you can see, so rather than going on we'll let you pop over to and see for yourself.

And don't forget you need to change your banner code, so log in generate that code and get your stats going.

Best of luck.

Kind Regards

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 Re: Haunted England Top Sites Has Changed

Posted: 2007/9/11 13:37  Updated: 2007/9/14 6:22


Just popping in
Joined: 2007/9/10
From: Canvey Island, Essex, England
Posts: 2
I have just joined the Essex Paranormal site, and as I am reading the various information pages I get the strong feeling that this site has an American feel.. dont get me wrong I am not Biased but do object when "If this is an ESSEX site" why some Americanism is used.. i.e.. We dont use the word "Cell phone" and also the word "Favourite" here is spelled "Favorite" so please if you are designing a site for the country it is being marketed in then please get the terminology correct .
Just a comment..

Eddie, Essex, England .

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