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General Updates : Free Paranormal Websites @ Paranormal Times
Posted by Tim on 30.08.07 (3455 reads) News by the same author

I suppose you could call this ParaSpace, or ParaGroups.

This is a new service to the SJBNetwork, you can now sign up for your own free paranormal website, forums, polls, and more, with a paranormal domain name too.

Your not a coder, or have no idea where to start in web design?

Well don't worry about that, this is easy just use your mouse click the options you want and get the paranormal website you need.

Best of all it's FREE


I suppose we better list some of the features.

+ Forums - Yep you can have your own forums, you don't have to have them, but if you want em, then have em.

+ Polls - Create your very own paranormal polls at the click of a button (your mouse button that is).

+ Blog - Blogs as default, use this to let people know what you or your paranormal group are doing, use it as a news section, or detail everything that you've done.

+ Contact Forms - Let your members and the public get in touch, create your own dynamic contact forms, when someone fills them in and clicks submit, it will E-mail them to an address of your choosing.

+ Members - You can have your own interactive website with it's own members.

+ Social Bookmarking - We know how important it is to get your site known, so take advantage of social bookmarking, whereby our members and viewers can let others know about your site on the web.

+ Designs - Choose from over 200 designs, some with a paranormal feel, some with a more spiritual feel.

So who can join, who can have their own free paranormal website?

Well as long as the content is of a paranormal nature, hen anyone, Paranormal Times offers free websites to individuals and groups or clubs.

You can cover just about any paranormal topic you wish including ghosts, UFO's and yes scepticism too.

Who moderates it all?

In short you do, the site owner, the only exception to this rule is if people are publishing spam, illegal content, sexual content, warez, or being libel and defamatory, then we'll step in, other than that, it's your site, you run it, and you manage your members.

Where can we get support?

Well we're working on some tutorials to make it easier for people to manage their own websites and when we say tutorials we mean flash ones with images and voice to talk you through everything you need to know, you can also get tech support via our contact forms.

We're also open to feature requests too.

Where can we get a FREE Paranormal website

That ones easy, just go to and you'll see a link for creating an account.

In there you can choose to either start your own site or just become a member. If you choose to just become a member and then later want your own site, then that's not a problem, just create one.

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