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Television : Derek Acorah Speaks Out - Kreed Kafer
Posted by Steve on 10.04.06 (8174 reads) News by the same author


Living TV’s psychic and spiritualist medium Derek Acorah, 56, was asked to explain allegations of deception where he claimed to have taken on the identity of a long-dead South African male known as Kreed Kafer - an anagram of Derek Faker, which had been allegedly used by a Most Haunted crew member in ear shot of Acorah to discredit him during a recent shoot at Bodmin GAOL.

The shows resident academic and sceptic Ciaran O’Keeffe of Liverpool’s Hope University has backed up this claim and said, “I only devised this plan to see if Derek was deliberately hoodwinking the public.”

However we can exclusively reveal after months of silence that Acorah has finally given his version of events. He told us, “I’d just like to say on virtually all psychic activity, I rely on my spiritualist guide I call Sam, but sometimes I rely heavily on my own spiritual guilds that are a custom to my surroundings and the atmosphere that I am upon. When I get possessed, I cannot remember any of the actions of who has taken over me or that of my surroundings. On this occasion where the spirit Kreed Kafer came to me, I can say that I had, yes had been taken over by an entity, but the identity would have been other than that of the name that came from me. One explanation of what could have occurred is that the spirit that took on board myself had heard one of the crew members mention the character Kreed Kafer and this individual took on that name by means of fraud or because many people in the very distant past did not have names so this entity decided to use the one he had overheard. Another explanation is that I did hear in passing the name Kreed Kafer, and when I did take on board the spirit I made a genuine mistake and wrongly associated this name with the spirit. I am human and can make mistakes, especially when I am under the pressure of a reading or being taken over by an overbearing entity. I do however have a strong successful following in the spiritualist field and I do believe that I am a genuine medium. I am sorry if any of my lovely fans were offended by this mistake.”

We asked O’Keeffe about Acorah’s version and he told us “I believe the public will see through this as all we are seeing is showmanship and dramatics”.

It is claimed that Acorah was asked to leave by the shows production company Antix, but is now involved in a similar ghost hunting format on cable TV.

By Peter Taylor.

6th march 2006

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