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Upcoming Events : Coalhouse Forts Investigation - 10 March 2007
 Posted by Lauraakafoxy on 21.01.07 (1596 reads)
Upcoming Events

We have secured the Coalhouse Forts for an overnight investigatin on 10 March 2007.
The cost to attend this investigation is £35 with a £10 deposit required before the date to secure a space.
We have been to this location many times in the past and have had good results.

If you want to attend this investigation please email or pm Lauraakafoxy or you can sign up for it in the relevant thread on the forum.

You can see our previous investigation reports for this location in our RRSection.

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Other : Liam Gallagher Says He Saw John Lennon's Ghost
Posted by Lauraakafoxy on 12.12.06 (1425 reads)

It seems like there's a celebrity ghost lurking around in London and he definitely wants his presence to be known.

Liam Gallagher claims he was once visited by the ghost of his idol John Lennon.

The Oasis singer insists the late Beatle appeared to him as an apparition while he was staying at a friend's house years ago in his hometown of Manchester. Rather than be spooked by the specter, Liam was in awe of his hero.

He said, "I was in Manchester at a mate's house having a sleep. I remember getting up and feeling really weird. I turned round and there I was, lying on the bed, and I sort of fell back into my body. There was a presence there and it was him, Lennon."

Liam is not the only person convinced the ghost of Lennon has contacted them. The music legend's former band mate Paul McCartney is convinced he haunted the recording of the 1995 Beatles single "Free As A Bird" - in the form of a white peacock..........

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Other :  Enfield poltergeist investigator dies
Posted by paulrobins on 26.10.06 (2779 reads)

LONDON. The death of Maurice Grosse on Saturday, 14 October, at the age of 90, comes almost 30 years after he was asked by the Society for Psychical Research to investigate happenings in the Hodgson family home. The case became known as “the Enfield poltergeist”.

He and a fellow SPR investigator, writer Guy Lyon Playfair, spent two years studying the case and were convinced that some of the phenomena they saw and recorded at a house in Green Street, in the north London suburb of Enfield, were genuine. But they also conceded that one or more of the four Harper children could have been responsible for some of the events.

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Other : A Haunted Man
Posted by Lauraakafoxy on 22.10.06 (1357 reads)

There is a new fiction book out called A Haunted Man, the book is written by a friend of EssexParanormal so give it a read and let us know what you think !
Here's the description.......

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Television : Ghost Whisperer's haunted set
Posted by Lauraakafoxy on 16.10.06 (1233 reads)

The set of Jennifer Love Hewitt's hit TV show Ghost Whisperer is haunted, according to the actress.

Love Hewitt plays a woman who can communicate with the recently deceased in Ghost Whisperer, and the cast and crew are spooked in real life too.

She tells US chat show host Megan Mullally, "We've had lights move, literally three and a half inches to the left, as you're sitting there the lights move.

"We've had lights burst over actors' heads when they're playing people who don't believe in ghosts. A light will burst into a million pieces right over them.

"People are like, 'We're not guest-starring on that show!'

"But for us as a crew we're kind of like, 'Awesome! Maybe they (the ghosts) are with us.'"

yahoo news uk

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